Noblegarden: It wasn't that lucky for the rabbit

O Noblegarden.  How I loathe thee.    with the new loot table,  the greedy goblin in me started off being
mildly miffed.   I could only truly sell one item at a profit?   The [Spring Rabbit's Foot] being the one thing that I can sell for a profit.    Wait,  I can sell something?  Yay right?

Lets look at the math:

Most people will be grinding 500 of the [Noblegarden Chocolate] for the [Swift Springstrider].  Now this isn't that bad,   there are dailies I can do for extra eggs right?   Nope,  no dailies for extra eggs.

But the eggs are super easy to get right?  Drop off of mobs I kill right?   I can buy them right?   Trade them right?   Beg for them right?   Nope,  Nope,  and Nope (and I did say nope).   You have to pick them up yourself.   That's not a big deal,   there everywhere right?   Nein,  Nada,  you remember I said nope again?
4 places to get them.   Brill,   Bloodhoof Village,  Falconwatch Square or Razor Hill for the Horde (Azure Watch,  Dolanaar,  Goldshire or Kharanos for the Alliance).

So our player X grinds out 500 chocolates (510 if he's doing the daily quest for the [Egg Basket] that day).

Wowhead has the drop rate for any of the items available on the loot table (Loot table] of .5%.  So you have a .5% chance of having the [Spring Rabbit's Foot] drop from the [Brightly Colored Eggs].   Many people have reported having 4 or 5 drop while they are collecting the're 500+ eggs.  Making the odds pretty high that player x is going to have a basket full of  [Spring Rabbit's Foot] to sell.   

So for each [Spring Rabbit's Foot] that drops,  there is one more placed on the AH for sale.   The [Elegant Dress],  [Black Tuxedo Pants] and [White Tuxedo Shirt] also being on the collection table.   Your profits start to look bleak in the short term.

But,  being a patient greedy goblins.     With Mists of Pandaria being released later in the year,   and the pet battle system peaking a lot of interest.  Pets will be in high demand from the start.   So saving your unofficial rabbit collection in your bank,  to sell for later will be the best play for your sake.   

Also keep an eye for the sales war that tend to break out on the AH.   Where investing 100g would be goblin gold suicide,   buying them for 20g and setting them aside would be a wise decision.  Bringing this chocolate gold grinding goblin a tear to his eye.

And my favorite place to grind for chocolate?   The local Amish candy store.   Guaranteed I can get enough to buy something.   

Good luck and good hunting.

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  1. The Rabbits foot is now BOP, so is the mount you can buy with those 500 eggs. That is one expensive mount when you start considering the gold you're waisting by not doing your daily gold routine.

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