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One of the biggest money making opportunities coming up before the release of Mists of Pandaria will be
'Glyphmas part 2'.  'Glyphmas' originally was when Blizzard expanded the glyph mechanics to 3 tiers and added/removed multiple glyphs.   Players bought multiple glyphs to fill the gaps they had in their toons.   Large amounts of gold were made by the inscriptionists that were prepared.

But left out in the cold were the non inscriptionist who watched players rake in 1000's of gold per day.    This time the non inscriptionist can be prepared to make a sizeable profit from just a little time and investment.

On many servers glyphs are going for inexpensive (I'm hesitant to use the word dirt cheap,  but 1.5g per glyph is right next to dirt on it's cost).   These glyphs are going for less than it costs to purchase the ink itself.   So a wise investor will start to look for these bargains to sell when the rush hits.   I set my purchase limit to 10g and my total limit to 20 glyphs.  Depending on your server size you may raise or lower these limits.

The easiest way to do this is to go into the standard search directory for the auction house,   click on the glyph category and then flip the search so that it goes from lower to higher.   Doing this will also allow you to look at glyphs that are for a low bid.   Bidding low is a good way to occasionally get a high level win in the gold rush.  If you lose your bid,  you get your gold back.  Win and relist either now or later when the demand is at it's highest.

Also a good target will be the inks themselves.   Just stay away from the speciality inks [Fiery Ink] etc unless your very familiar with what each ink can be used for.  Mid level inks such as  [Jadefire Ink] will retain it's value.

Later on we will have a more detailed suggestion on 'Glyphmas revisited' and how to take more advantage of this boon in the market.

Good Luck and Good Hunting

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