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As your setting up your professions and sales goals for Mists of Pandaria,   the biggest decision will be just how much ore and what kinds to have.

If you have the benefit of seemingly unlimited capital,  then you can cover your bases by carrying all of the different ores,  stocking them into different places for use or resell.

But many are looking at how much to invest,   how much to place in each type to get the most profit.   Lets walk through all of the different ores,  and get a decent idea of just what will be impacted.

Copper ore

This is the starting point for all of the professions that use ore and bars to level (blacksmithing,  jewelcrafting,  engineering).   Also it will be the easiest to find on the AH,  so your investment level should be low if any saved back

Investment grade D-

Tin Ore

Not particularly useful for leveling any of the major professions.  It is used in some crafting items for lower level gear so may be useful for a minimum investment.  

Investment Grade D

Silver Ore

Found on the spawn points of Tin Ore.   This helps with the leveling grind for multiple professions.   With it's relative rarity to the other ore spawn points,  it goes a long way for reselling on the AH.  

Investment Grade C-

Iron Ore

This is where you can start with collection of materials for resell.   Iron Ore is still a common ore,  but is useful for all three professions.  And many of the leveling miners will blow through the nodes for iron ore and then not collect any more.   Blacksmithing sees heavy use for it's leveling by using Iron Ore

Investment Grade B-

Gold Ore

Another stop gap for investment for many of the professions.  Jewelcrafting uses this material for it's leveling around the 135-160 level.   Blacksmithing has the Golden Scale set in the 175 range.  Even Tailoring uses this for crafting the Brightcloth set.   It is more rare than it's counterpart spawn points of iron.   Keep a steady supply of this on the AH for larger profits

Investment Grade B

Mithril Ore

This will be a large money maker combined with truesilver and thorium.  Most people race to try to get through the leveling process,  and when leveling professions won't take the time to stock up.  Plus these metals are going for low amounts on the AH.   Purchase multiple quantities of these for reselling and restocking.

Truesilver Ore

The rare node area of mithril,   is used as a stop gap for all of the major professions around the 230 range for leveling.  Blacksmithing relies heavy on this for leveling.  Jewelcrafting also have high needs for this
to get through the 230-240 crafting gap.  Will be in High demand

Investment Grade B

Thorium Ore

Another one that will end up being useful and in demand.   Many farming cartels are starting to stockpile this which might drive down the prices and useful sales.  Keep an eye on your Ah health and if needed,  save for later sales in the cycle

Investment Grade B-

Fel Iron Ore

The starting ore found in Burning Crusade.   Blacksmithing and Jewelcrafting rely heavy on it for leveling.   But it also is relatively easy to find nodes all around the Burning Crusade leveling spots.  Be cautious with the amount you sell,  but it will sell at a tidy profit,  if not immediately after a time.

Investment Grade B-

Adamantite Ore

Another rare spawn found in Burning Crusades.  Most miners are not going to be stockpiling this,  hoping to get more thorium/Mithril ore.   Keep a healthy supply of this for trading and selling in your stockpiles.   Multiple professions use this to level up to the 350+ level before getting into the Cataclysm leveling professions.

Investment Grade B-

Cobalt Ore

Used again by multiple professions.  This is going to be the start of a three prong attack for investing.  It's not found continually for mining in the Wrath of the Lich king areas,  heavily used for professions all the way up to 450,  and also won't be mined as often by those leveling through it's normal spawn areas.   Keeping a relatively decent supply of this through Mists of Pandaria should put you ahead of the sales curve.

Investment Grade C+

Saronite Ore

Saronite ends up being difficult to gauge for it's future investment.  Most of the mining occurs for this in the Wintergrasp PVP area.   And is used by multiple professions as well.  Jewelcrafters will use multiple amounts to generate common and medium gems cheaply and efficiently for the daily jewelcrafting items.   Also as Blacksmith and engineering use this for leveling up to the 425 area.   Keeping a very healthy supply of this ore will keep your percentages high in the market.   Just watch out for bots that can drive the prices down,  Wintergrasp is heavily trafficked for mining bots and can sink an Ore economy very quickly.

Investment Grade B+


If your farming Saronite ore in Wintergrasp or other areas,   these will spawn occasionally.   But the demand for the ore/bars other than for a few recipes (Mechano-Hog) requiring a large amount for titansteel crafting,  otherwise just keep a good eye for deals as they pop up for people dumping inventory or mistake of pricing.
If your server is in high demand for the Titansteel then keep a good supply may give you rewards.   Otherwise you have other places to invest your goblin gold at.

Investment Grade C-

Obsidium Ore

The starting mining ore found in Cataclysm.  This has already dropped in price significantly on multiple auction houses.   Mining bots are crashing the investment worthy,  and many of the Jewelcrafters that were performing the obsidium/elementium shuffle have stopped generating the use of the ore to begin stockpiling.  Necessary for almost all of the major professions to level,  it will generate gold when sold,  easily 2 to 3 times as much if you buy low and sell high at peak demand.

Investment Grade B-

Elementium Ore

Most of the powerleveling guides have elementium ore topping off the 425-435 range very quickly.   Needing a large amount of crafting and volatiles to finish off pre Mist of Pandaria leveling.   Undoubtedly there will be demand,  though the current glut of unsold ore will effect pricing.   A wait and see attitude can be used to make sure that you are a heavy supplier for the ore/bars while others are caught with their ore down.

Pyrite Ore

The red headed stepchild of mining.   Investing now in it will lose you money each and every time.   With no epics generated and only a few receipes using the bar form (Truegold from alchemists,  Epic weapon and armor patterns from both leatherworking and blacksmithing).  Investing in Pyrite is truly a fools gold errand.   Keep a few stacks in your inventory just in case it's useful.  But unless you get a sweetheart of a deal,  avoid investing this like the plague.

Investment Grade  D (and that's being generous).

For my investment strategies when the auction house melee hits,  I'm looking at any of the investment grades that are higher than C's to be heavily invested in,   anything lower I will have some moderate stacks available but not sink a large amount of gold into it.   Also a caveat is if a great deal arrives to jump on.   Whether it's long term or short term,  ore will sell or be used.

Bar forms for investment will always trump leaving an item in ore form.   But if you leave the ore in it's natural form you are given more flexibility when investing and selling.

Just keep an eye on the market,  and try to catch the fluctuations as auction house sales continue.   Be ready to drop items hard and heavy during the weekends and when new patches are released.  Being the first on the market will spur sales growth.

Good luck and good hunting

Want to get in contact with me? . Email me at Dragonbearjoe @ gmail. dOT com or find me on twitter at "@Dragonbearjoe" or leave a comment here. You can find me hanging out on the Shandris Server, chat me up and I will buy you a glass of juice.

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  1. Khorium is the rare Outlands ore, although adamantite is certainly handy to have around.
    I won't turn down khorium, as it is needed for some sought-after engineering gadgets, but it can turn into a glut on the market quickly.
    From what I've seen, fel iron is usually higher priced and in lesser supply than adamantite is.

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