Pricing A Guild... Pawn Star Style

 A couple of days ago a friend of mine approached me.   They informed me that a friend had a guild
to sell.   Ever since Warcraft implemented Guilds and Guild banks,  it's been a good way to obtain extra storage slots.  

Buying a guild is a negotiation.  Many of them are empty of items,  just ending up being purchased for the storage area.  But in this case the guild itself contained multiple items.   Some were vendor bait (poisons,  vendor materials,  items that would never sell).  Also contained in these were some sellable items.

Working through my mental progression of what the items were worth,  and where they would be best used for,  I came up with a suggested value,  then slashed my offer by 40%.  Negotiation brought to you by History Channel and Pawn Stars.

So here is a quick guide on how to value a guild bank for purchase.

  • Each slot gets a base value.   Slot 1 being 100g,  Slot 2 being 250g,  Slot 3 being 500g   (this was a 3 slot guild bank I was purchasing)   Value + 850
  • Add any gold still contained in the bank  (yes,  I have purchased guilds that the bank still had money in it)
  • Add value for any items still in the bank (items to be vendored can generally be counted as zero)  Addons will be helpful to get a quick value of the item.  But be careful because sometimes an item may come up as being very valuable,  but it might not sell on your server. 
  • Add up all that value,  then decide on the discount that you feel is appropriate.   I used 40% simply because all the items that were in the guild bank to purchase I could craft myself at about that price. 
  • Look at the level of the guild.    If you are using a leveling toon for this,  or have an interest in building a guild.  A higher level guild will give you a jump start for success.    
  • Be prepared to walk away.   Sometimes people just feel that their time is more valuable.   You have an advantage over the seller.   He wants a quick profit over his sale.    The odds are that he isn't going to want to continue to look for a buyer.   There will be more guilds available.  And they might be worth more than what the seller wants at that point.
  • Enjoy your new guild.   And your new prosperity

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