Save the children... Save Azeroth?

It is children's week.   That Hades week that you run 10 toons through a group of quests so you can have your delicious chocolate cake and share it with the kiddies.

But thanks to a quick reminder from Wow insider writers (view here) we were reminded of the major change to companions come Mists of Pandaria.   Get a pet on one of your toons on an account,  all of them on that account get the same pet/companion (there does seem to be some hold outs for this,  including some special one time pets).

This is not good news for the gold goblin multitudes.   Where Children's Week has never really been a huge money maker for most (the occasional lazy ice cream buyer and payment to run people through PVP achievements).  The majority of the money was made in people wanting the companions on multiple toons.  Those that have been paying attention will take advantage of this and just run each of the quests on one of their toons,  then be patient as it appears on their other toons later in the year (that's saying toons a lot).

But being knee deep in the flipping market for volatiles,  wait,  you haven't been buying and flipping volatiles?
I thought I had trained you better than that.  You're not seeing Volatile Earth's going for 50s a piece?  Or Volatile Life.   Alchemist can easily go back to transmuting their Volatile Life to Volatile Air or Volatile Water and gain some extra profit.  This applies especially if your Truegold and Cardinal Ruby business is
on the downturn.

The Elemental Market gets it's own treatment later in the week,  but for now jump on these deals when they arrive.  Storage is going to be a long term solution (there will be a demand especially for Volatile Earth once the rush is done.   

So in short, 

Kid's week + mist companion changes = Lower gold sales
Volatile Earth and  Volatile Life are your friends (especially if your an alchemist)
Also you might snag a few hundred gold just for taking people through the Kiddie Day Quest lines

The basic level requirements for the quests are

Orgrimmar/Stormwind   Level 10
Shattrath City  Level 60
Dalaran Level 72

So good luck,  eat your chocolate cake (it's good for you) and Happy Hunting

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