Thinking Outside the Old World Box

When I started playing Warcraft a couple of years ago.  I brought some of my personal habits along with me.  one of them is to use and reuse items such as papers and folders.   In the case of Warcraft I detested throwing away anything.   This included scrolls,   items that dropped such as feathers.  The idea being at some point someone would need something,  and I wanted to have it.

So as I was doing an auction scan I saw some [Nexus Crystal] on the Auction house for relatively cheap.   Knowing I had a few still in one of my guild banks I decided to do a little research (against popular opinion,  no one can know everything right off the top of their head).

Low and behold I found the enchanting spell of [Nexus Transformation].   This peaked my interest.   Transforming a [Nexus Crystal] into a [Small Pristmatic Shard].  The quest gets a little more interesting
and my goblin senses start to go a little wild.

Delving into my own knowledge that combining 3 x [Small Pristmatic Shard] into a [Large Prismatic Shard] I knew I had something.    Prismatic shards go easily for 10g a piece now,  and soon will go higher.  Enchanters need these for their [Runed Adamantite Rod] as well as a few Burning Crusade recipes [Enchant Chest - Exceptional Stats] being popular with levelers and twinks.

Now,  will this break the goblin bank and bring you riches?   No,  but what it does is show that you can take what looks like a complete throw away item,  and transform it into something that will sell for multiple times the value.  

As we look into our Mists of Pandaria future,  old world items will be cast away by those that don't think outside the easy box.   It's the future gold goblins that will take those mats,  and see a new way of making gold with them.

Good luck and Good Hunting

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  1. A true Goblin would realize that you can obtain Void shatter from shattered sun offensive to turn a void crystal into 2 large prismatic shards.

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