MOP: The Auction House Goes Dark

The major gold sink has been announced for Mists of Panderia.   MMO-Champion broke the news that some of the vendors will have "black market" items to bid on.   With little information other than what is on the beta this will become an interesting idea as it starts to develop.

On this black market AH will be past discontinued mounts,  pets and other items.   Included in this is the Tier 3 armor sets that were removed when Naxxramas was moved from Easter Plaguelands in Azeroth to the barren wasteland of Dragonblight in Northrend.   These will most definitely be Bind on Pickup items.   The biggest question will be whether the pets and mounts on the Black Market AH will also be BOP.  If they become BOE it might end up being a big opportunity to resell.   Currently the market has it set at 12 hour auctions so bidding at night when there is less population could cause deals to become more readily available.   Parking an unused character at the Black market site and bidding occasional could reap a large amount of rewards.

One of the downsides of this blizzard idea will be that many of the armor sets and mounts that players have become proud of "earning" will be just as available for the right amount of gold.  Already on the boards there is squabbling about how it's unfair to those that had gained the Tier 3 armor set through dedication and hard work.   While others will be able to just drop a large (or even small) amount of stored gold to gain the same elite status in the eyes of some.

Will this diminish the investment quality of some of the hard to get items in the game?   Big questions of just how much this will go to evening out the gold playing field.   There is already an expected low value set on many items (10,000g for pets,  10,000g for armor,  20,000g for Mounts).   Looking at the list of some of the items you can see the current cost on the AH for many of these pets and there is an expectation that they will go unbidded on.   The Elwynn Lamb for example is easily obtainable on both the Horde and Alliance side for 4k to 6k.   So bidding 10k on one on the BMAH would be giving money away.   But mounts like the Ashes of Al'ar are beyond rare to see,  and will cost a large amount of gold to bid upon.

So this might be a stroke of genius by Blizzard developers,  or come back to just be another forgotten idea with MOP.   The new expansion will have an influx of players both returning and new.  Having little or no money to start,  and many not armed with the tools of making gold other than questing,  there will continue to be a divide between the haves and the have nots.

Hopefully those that read this journal want to continue to be part of the Haves.

Good Luck and Good Hunting

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