trade channel boredom.. bring on the dailies

One of the biggest pet peeves I have with Warcraft are the players who will sit in one of the main cities,  bemoaning how "bored" they are.   After 5 plus years of playing Warcraft,  I usually can find something that I can do.  Some task that needs to get done.  Or even better,  some daily to run for gold and reputation.  If I ever get to the point that I am announcing my boredom,   it's time to go and read a book.  Or even write one :-)

Dailies quests in different areas have been an excellent way of earning gold,  especially at 85.   But the 25 daily quest cap could be troublesome if you were trying to grind multiple reputations.  This cap hits hard if your also doing profession dailies.   But with Mists,  that cap gets removed and you have unlimited dailies that you can do.   Want to ride a flying manta?  Go do the Sha'tari Skyguard dailies.  Don't forget about the Argent tournament dailies in Icecrown.  Doing the jousting dailies can add up to a lot of gold for buying the pets, and the pennants are interesting to carry around too.

There are at least 100+ dailies in the game that can be done,  all stacking both reputation and gold in your pocket.   Next time you see someone say "I'm bored".  tell them to go do a daily.  Or read a book.

Good luck and Good Hunting

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