burn them fires.

So it's mid summer (at least according to Blizzards calender of events).   So this brings to us the Mid-Summer Fire Festival.

Wow insider has a great write up on the festival.  Including where to find all of the bonfires and the achievements you will want to get your Violet Proto Drake for the  It's Been a Long Strange Trip achievement.

So if they have already written up an awesome guide,  why should you read the rest of this?

Cause you love me?   Okay,  I'm not that deluded.  But a couple of things to remember gold speaking for the pets you can get.  And a few gold making opportunities.   These events tend to be my number one answer when someone asks me "how can I make x amount of gold quickly".

-   The Ice Chip (teaches you the Frigid Frostling pet) that drops from the Satchel of Chilled Goods on your first ahune kill is unique.  But if you notice it isn't listed as being BOP.  Since the notes for Mists of Pandaria has stated that many of the BOP pets will become BOE.  A wise gold goblin will continue to run ahune to gain the Burning Blossoms from the satchel.  Also finishing up the full complement of Bonfires during the holiday event can be used to purchase Captured Flame.   If you have multiple toons running the events once on each toon,  then purchasing one pet for your collection,  and saving the rest til MOP could put you well ahead of the game.   Many players are taking their wowcations right now so they won't be back for the festival.   These pets if they do become BOE will become valuable rare pets for training during the first wave of MOP pet buying.

The other money making possibility is to grab your two seater (you do have a two seater vehicle right?) and transport low players to the different locations they can't reach by themselves.   Name your price in trade and for maybe 30 minutes work pull in an easy 2k or more.

Most of the items that Ahune drops end up being small or non upgrades to many current items.  But don't ignore even the 10g vendor gold.  It may seem like chump change,  but small gold increases are always enjoyed.

Enjoy the blizzard holiday.

Good Luck and Good Hunting.

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