Go and Kill the King

Sometimes I like to take a step away from giving gold tips and add some other tips in the mix.   It may not put gold in your pocket,  but it will make your game life slightly easier.

With Mists of Pandaria the Have Gift Will Travel guild perk will be changing to  Ride Like the Wind.  The new guild perk will increse speed on the flight paths (right now it's listed at 0% so it's undetermined exactly how fast it will be).

So why is this important to us?   Because everyone wants the For the Alliance/For the Horde achievmeents and the Reins of the Black War Bear for their collection.    And the changing of this Guild perk will remove a very useful tactic for raiding a major city.

Currently the best strategy I've seen for killing all for faction leaders is to sneak rogues into all four major cities.  Have them sit there and then summon the raid to the Faction leaders area.   Kill the leader then escape from the city.  By the time the group is reformed outside then the next rogue can summon to the next kill spot.  If done quickly enough the achievement is yours,  and your on your way to your mailbox to collect your mount.

I have been very suprised that Blizzard didn't gimp this perk more during the cataclysm expansion.    But now that they have changed it,  it is a perfect time to take advantage of the amount of wowcations that players are taking before the MOP expansion.

Good Luck and Good Hunting

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