Iron Sharpens Iron

As the Diablo 3 blitz starts to slow down,  there will be a resurgence of people returning back to World of Warcraft.  Slow at first,  players will return from their trip into Nightmare mode the closer that Mists of Pandaria release becomes reality.

Many gold goblins have reported sales being down,  and buyers in certain markets being non existent.   The key to being a true gold goblin is to refine your skills in the markets that are still alive.   Your chosen field may be domination in the Auction House.  Your specialty choice being  selling your wares in trade chat.   Even production of items for your guild can be a lucrative venue.   

The addage that "iron sharpens iron" implies that when there is trouble,  the faults and problems of a person will reveal themselves and be able to be fixed.   Have you refined your time methods to be able to produce the most gold in the least amount of time.  Have you double checked your farming routes to make sure they are the best place to spend your limited amount of time?   Even the updating of addons might give you a new advantage that you had forgotten.

As we crawl closer to the panda invasion,  knowing your weaknesses and repairing them can add that much more gold into your greedy goblin pockets.   And strengthen your abilities in the upcoming weeks and months.  

Good Luck and Good Hunting

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