It's elemental dear goblins

When someone starts discussing elementals and investment my ears tend to perk up.  My gold wallet also tends to get a little twitchy.   It's one of those areas that you can gain a lot of gold quickly,  or lose that awesome pink shirt you have on your banker character.

Each of the expansions introduced a new version of elemental classes to use and invest in.   With Burning Crusade came the primals (and it's smaller little cousins motes).   With Wrath of the Lich King entered Eternals, (and it's baby brother the crystallized pieces).   And with Cataclysm we received a whole new investment kick in the pants with Volatiles.

So the basic tenants of investment for all three will be what will people want.   Crafters will be our main target (though don't forget your tailors and alchemists who will use them for their transmutes).  So lets walk down the list to see what we want,  and what we don't want in our banks.


These were from the elementals and mining during Burning Crusade.   The two biggest that will be in demand are the Primal Air and Primal Fire.    Professions will want them for leveling (engineers need them for their swank Flying Machine and Turbo-Charged Flying Machine.    Primal Earths and Primal Shadows are relatively easy to farm in Negrand (Elemental Plateau will be your target for most of your primals,  with the area around Oshu'gun being your farming spot for Primal Shadow.   Your best idea is to keep an eye on the pricing on the AH for both the full primals and the motes and purchase accordingly.   

If you have an Alchemist who can transmute Primal Might,  save your primal stock for Primal Might transmutes.  More information on this on my post here.

A good goal is to sink about 1 to 2% of your investment money into this product.


The "newer" the expansion you have,  the more difficult it will be to figure out investment possibilities. All of the Eternals (and their little brothers the crystallized elements ) are good investments if you get them inexpensive.  Eternal Fires have became extremely expensive. There is a high demand for not just crafting items using Eternal Fires,  but the Mechano-hog demand makes them highly rewarding investments.   Doing some farming time in Wintergrasp will give you access to all of the crystallized elements.   

A good goal is to sink about 3-4% of your investment capital into this area.


When the warcraft producers named these,  they weren't kidding.  This market has always been a short order day traders dream.   Many days I bought Volatile airs at 15g and sold them that same hour for 25g per.   Even with Alchamists being able to transmute their own,  certain of the volatiles always seemed to be expensive and in demand.  Volatile Air always was expensive and tended to be the most popular one transmuted.   Volatile Water also seemed to be continually in demand (healing PVP gear added to a lot of the consumption).  A buyer right now can still find good bargains (Volatile Earth for 50s a piece?)  If your a tailor and not burning your Dreamcloth Timer still with these cheap volatiles.  I have two recipes that you will want to be crafting through MOP.  

Luxurious Silk Gem Bag requiring 3 Dreamcloth
Illusionary Bag requiring 8 Dreamcloth

Both of these bags will be in high demand from players who are looking for added pack space.

Starting to acquire Volatile's for a long term inexpensive investment is a wise choice.  Volatile Earth and Volatile Life will give you many options to work with in the coming weeks.

2-3% of your investment capital should be sunk into this area,  especially in Volatile Fire and Volatile Air if you can find them inexpensively (or farm them yourself)

Investment by the numbers

For my personal investment,  around 8-9% of my investment gold is going to be sunk in Elemental Investments (I'm also including elementals such as Core of Earth and Essence of Fire).

With the amount of "new" players entering the game,  you will have people wanting bags to fill in the slots for their new characters.  Some of these will be profession bags.

Farming the AH for materials is going to be the easiest way to increase your stock,  and be prepared for the demand of Mists.   If your not prepared, well that result will be elementary as well.

Good Luck and Good Hunting

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