MOP Prep: Get to the Points

Valor Points,  Justice Points,  Jewelcrafting tokens,  Cooking awards o my.   So much that is sitting in the collective toon collection just needing to be dealt with before the introduction of Mists of Pandaria.

Players have no idea exactly what Blizzard will do with many of these points.   We do know that Jewelcrafting and Cooking will have new types of dailies introduced with brand new tokens (zen jewelcrafting token and Iron Paw Token respectively).  So deciding what to do with the older tokens will be important as we race towards MOP.

Jewelcrafting tokens (both Dalaran Jewelcrafting token and Illustrious Jewelcrafting tokens) will still be useful in Mists of Pandaria.).   First if you are still performing your daily Jewelcrafting run for tokens you should be close to the point of having the majority of the recipes at your disposal.  For now I would look to ignore the Epic Patterns from cataclysm.   You might be able to squeak out a profit from players working on raiding gear,  but the gems themselves will be unusable in MOP gear.   Still some cuts will be in demand with people leveling and wanting to do 80-85 PVP.   So cover your bases and keep a few of the Illustrious tokens in stock.   Dalaran tokens are useful to keep Dragon's Eye in stock for your Nightmare Tear Production.  Where this isn't going to be a huge source of income for a jewelcrafter in MOP,  it never hurts to have a income source covered when times are slower.  A good healthy amount of both tokens will let you cover demand for items quickly,  remembering that many will concentrate on selling MOP items and not have all areas covered.

Justice/Valor/Honor points will be a large matter of debate depending on whether Blizzard decides to reset the points or not.   The first thing I would do is to take those points and accumulate as much of the Bind on Account gear you can get to assist in your leveling.  This is where planning on what toons you want to level (cmon,  everyone is leveling a big fat teddy bar monk right?) and plot your gear choice accordingly.  Casters would want to pick up Cloth intellect gear,  Melee fighters either Strength or agility gear depending on their discipline/class.   The important thing is to plot out exactly what gear you want to have,  and running heroics/raids for points.   If everything goes perfect you should be able to rack up all of the necessary gear in a few weeks,  and still be close to maximizing your point totals in case Blizzard chooses not to reset points.

Honor Points are very similar,  though the gear itself will be worthless with MOP PVP.   Profession crafting of PVP gear was a huge success money wise for cataclysm,  both on getting people in PVP quicker,  and sales have continued to be brisk.   Don't be suprised if Blizzard chooses to do this again.  So what to do with the Honor points?    Convert them into Valor/Justice Points for your purchase of BOA gear.   There is no hard and fast evidence from the Blizzard powers that be having someone hit the reset button.  But Blizzard loves to even out the gaming playing field in new expansions.    Lets all just be glad that they don't hit the reset button on our gold.

Cooking is going to be in the same boat.    You should have an excess of tokens if you've been having 5 of your toons running daily cooking quests to level them up to 525.   You haven't?   Read this Dinner Improbable.   Your setup should have 5 maximum level cooks,  with a large amount of  Chef Awards and Dalaran Cooking Awards  at your disposal. Keep the tokens so that if you need to buy the Boxes from the vendor or even there is a rush of Chocolate Cookies.  Either way keep your abilities liquid so that you can go either way.  Buying ahead of time now will limit your options

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So lets do a quick rundown (hopefully you read all of that explanation of my train of thought,

Here is a recap of each profession:


1.   Do JC dailies
2.   Buy basic cuts (ignore Epic cuts from cataclysm)
3.   Have stored tokens so that if necessary you can buy items from the vendors when in demand

1.   Max 5 cooks to 525 (working with dailies to obtain cooking awards
2.   Have the majority of cooking items purchased
3.   Keep tokens liquid for purchasing of Meat Boxes and cocoa powder for cookies

Honor Points/Valor Points/Justice Points

  • Continue to max out points towards purchasing of BOA gear
  • Sell Valor/Justice Gear that is still in demand on the AH.   Slow down sales the closer that MOP is
  • Convert Honor Points to Justice Points/Conquest Points to Valor Points for purchases of BOA gear
  • Plan out so that your Valor Points and Honor Points are at maximum in case Blizzard chooses not          to reset

Some of this planning must be adjusted depending on the announcement for Mists release.   A shorter amount of time might prevent all of these goals to be met.  Your number one priority is to give your leveling toons an edge over the others.  Whether it's in leveling gear,  or covering undiscovered markets with new players entering Azeroth and beyond.   

What plans are you having for your tokens and awards?   

Good Luck and Good Hunting

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