MOP Prep: Reduction in Inventory

Blizzard has announced the different events they are planning during Gamescon 2012,  including the world first playing of the intro to Mists of Pandaria.

With each tidbit of information that is offered,  the opening to the gates to Pandaria comes closer and closer.   And so closing of sales routes and limiting inventory will become much more important.

I've been talking more and more about how collecting inventory to resell at the beginning of the new expansion will be more important.  But just as important will be the limiting of production of items that will not sell between now and the beginning of MOP.

Two options are presented the closer that we get to the panda invasion.  You can begin to look to turn around inventory at reduced rates.   It is important to make sure that you are keeping a close eye on what is and isn't selling.   

Take the Extreme Impact Hole Puncher that I have sold consistently since it's introduction.

Production costs have always hovered around the 3-4k (less if I produce the items on alts) and sold at the start easily for 11k+.   The closer that MOP comes,  the lower I will drop the prices to make sure that I do not get caught up with extra inventory.

Jewelcrafting will find this is very important.   The lower blue gems (Nightstones etc). will still be important for players rolling new jewelcrafters.  Other items such as Inferno Rubies will continue to lose value due to lack of demand.   Inventory control will give you both added space for your investment items,  and generate quick sales without the fear of losses in the future.

Closing all sales and liquidating inventory is possible at this point.  This would guarantee no losses but also could limit the continual gold stream that is still available.   Knowing your markets and selling to them is going to be the driving force of your continued gold goblin empire.

Will you wait til the announcement of the introduction date for MOP?  Or start to close your sales route now to play it safe?

Good Luck and Good Hunting

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