MOP Prep: Setting the Lineup

I grew up loving baseball.   Having been a lifelong Cubs fan (you can insert your pity here now) I have watched the same foibles played out time after time.

One thing that any monday morning manager will tell you,  the manager needs to change the lineup for success.  The guy that fumbled the night before needs to do down to AAA and be replaced by the up and coming player to be named later.

Warcraft is a little different in the idea that you are always in control of what sells and what is produced.  But your lineup is just as important as any baseball manager.    Which toons will you be leveling first?  What crafts will you be leveling first?  Should you double up on certain professions.

A gold goblin has to answer these questions.   With MOP almost upon us it's more important than anything to have your profession lineup starting to come together.

I will give you the lineup I'm using for my prepping for MOP.

(I've left out some of my players names because I might be the one that's undercutting you that day).

Druid X -   Alchemist/Herbalist  -  (has fast flight form)
MorphineDrip -  Jewelcrafter/Alchemist
ShamanX  - Jewelcrafter/Engineer
Mommar-   Blacksmith/Leatherworker
Moliono -  Inscriptionist/Herbalist
Mosiac -  Tailoring/Enchanter
CurdledMilk - Banking toon (parked in Thunder Bluff)
Moonpye -  Banking toon  (Parked in Tanaris)
Deathknightx  -  Engineer/jewelcrafter
Move  - Miner/Skinner

I decided that my leveling will be switched between my Hunter (Move) and my Blacksmith   Leatherworker (Mommar).  This is how I leveled when cataclysm first was introduced.  All my production items were sent to the appropriate craftsman to allow them to level quickly.  Remember that with Catalcysm it was needed to have at least one 83 to access some of the materials necessary to level the Inscription Profession.   It's possible the Blizzard producers will do the same for Mists of Pandaria.

Recently I did some changing to my lineup by dropping Mining from MorphineDrip and leveling another Jewelcrafter.   This is simply to double my ability to obtain Gem patterns and tokens faster.  Also I added MorphineDrip as an Alchemist to double my opportunity at daily transmutes.   Both of them will be transmute specialist.

In my lineup my workhorses are the Druid for the Herbalism and Move for the mining and skinning.  My lineup also has in it my two bank toons (one for the regular AH in Thunder bluff and the joint AH in tanaris.   This gives me access to both quickly for Arbitrage between the two factions.

These changes to my lineup ended up in investments of around 20k,   which may seem a lot but I will recoup my losses quickly by having the access to the double transmutes and the quicker jewelcrafting turn around.

So why did I choose to present this part of the plan first?   To build a goblin gold fortification you need your base.  And your placement of characters and professions are your base.

One thing,   this tip might seem to be placed towards those that have lots of gold to play with.  But it's just as important from the start of your gold empire to have your lineup planned out from the start.   You should play a toon that you will enjoy playing,  and professions that you can see will become valuable both to your personal usage as well as gold making skill.    Having one toon be the workhorse for your farming will add flexibility to your other toons and their ability to craft valuable items.  It's possible to make large amounts of gold without any type of farmer,  but it becomes more difficult if stocks begin to dwindle.

What other combinations would be useful to have for MOP?

Good Luck and Good Hunting

Want to get in contact with me? . Email me at Dragonbearjoe @ gmail. dOT com or find me on twitter at "@Dragonbearjoe" or leave a comment here. You can find me hanging out on the Shandris Server, chat me up and I will buy you a glass of juice. 

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