No realm first achievement for you

Realm first profession is one of the most popular and difficult achievements to obtain at the start of an expansion.   Gathering professions tend to be difficult but obtainable.   They are based on just how quick you can get to a farming ground for that specific material,  pick/mine/skin and hope that noone was faster than you.

The crafting professions tend to be the ones that gain the most notoriety.     Be realm first on your server and your escapades will be spoken for at least the first two days of an expansion.   

So today,  I offer you 8 tips on how to give yourself a fighting chance to get a realm first in a crafting professions.

1.   Have your professions at maximum already

If your having to level your professions after the opening of the Pandaria gates,  then your digging yourself out of a hole already.   Start the race at the same place as everyone else.

2.   Have enough materials to do the first crafting points with the older material.

Many of the epic items still are in the red or yellow for gaining points.   when the patch first goes live
craft as many of these epic items as you can.   Once the item goes green,  then move onto the next phase (this is more due to time constraints.  You want every craft to try to count towards a point.  A green crafting item will take two or three.

3.   Have some type of powerleveling guide for MOP for the fastest way to 600

This one will be important.  You will want to use the least amount of materials to obtain the most
points.   So knowing which ones will give you the quickest jumps in levels will be important.

4.  Be in a level 14 guild for the Guild Perk Working Overtime

10% added chance for crafting points.   Many players are going to have this already for their crafting toons.  Those players that are lacking this for their guild will be at a disadvantage.   The 10% will effect the chance of a yellow or green level crafting item ticking off another point in profession advancement.  Level 14 guilds tend to be active so if your guild has been raiding or has multiple questing members,  the odds are your already at this level or very close.

5.  Bring gold

There is no two ways around it.  This is going to cost you gold to get to be a realm first in a crafting profession.   It would be difficult if not near impossible to gather your own materials to craft up to the maximum of a profession.   An option to gather your own would be if you can get your guild behind one person to obtain the realm first.  Or of course if your guild is easily bribed (my guild isn't).   Either way it's going to put a dent into your gold reserves.

6.  Be ready to go when the doors to Pandaria open.    This includes standing next what you need for your profession (blacksmithing next to an anvil/forge,  leatherworkers next to their vendor).   Your goal is to spend all your time crafting and none of your time running around looking for what you need.

7.  Have the crafting dailies for fishing/jewelcrafting/inscriptionist daily done and ready to turn in.

This will gain 1 more point towards your profession.  jewelcrafting dailies will give you two points.
So the day before the patch opens up,  finish up your daily but do not turn it in.   Just park your
toon in front of the turn in  (for inscriptionist that will turn in the Forged Documents quest for their point).

8.  Be prepared if the Darkmoon Faire is active

It's possible that the Darkmoon Faire will be active during the opening of Pandaria.   The odds are slim it will,  but be prepared if it is.   Have your materials for your DM monthly profession quest ready to go and turn in.  We will know more about this as the date for Mists of Pandaria comes closer.

Bonus Tips for Gathering Realm First

  • Purchase a Gnomish Army Knife before MOP.   These are going to give you a +10 to your gathering ability for herbalism, mining and skinning.   This will not give you points towards your achievement.  But it will prevent you from running into (skill not high enough) problems as you advance into different areas.  

  • Have enchanted gloves based on your professions.

  • Fishing for a realm first achievement will want to have both one of the highest +point level rods in the game (Arcanite Fishing Rod or Mastercraft Kalu'ak Fishing Rod).   even if you only have a plus 5 Strong Fishing Pole you will have an easier time.   Remember again the +bonuses do not count towards your points.  The points just make it a higher possibility to catch in different areas.

What other suggestions do you think that a realm first achiever should know?   

Good Luck and Good Hunting

Want to get in contact with me? . Email me at Dragonbearjoe @ gmail. dOT com or find me on twitter at "@Dragonbearjoe" or leave a comment here. You can find me hanging out on the Shandris Server, chat me up and I will buy you a glass of juice. 

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