Pre expansion dusting and scrubbing

Sometimes I will go into one of my toon banks,  or my guild banks and go "why is that stuff still in there?".    It's a sign of a warcraft packrat that they have items that are treasures to themselves but guaranteed never to sell to another soul.   Pieces of mismatched armor that looked cool at the time.  Axes that turned into guitars when right clicked (Arcanite Ripper is still awesome to bring out during raids and jam sessions).   

It's okay to hold onto these treasures.   Especially the one of a kind items that will never return to the game again.   Emptying out the junk in a guild bank or the personal toon bank can give you more space to store treasures.   Opening up more possibilities of reselling items that will put gold into your goblin pocket.

So start your pre-expansion cleaning now,  and keep rocking the Ripper.

Good luck and Good Hunting

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