The Pyrite Experiment

As players start to progress towards the ending of an expansion.  The normal routes towards gold making start to slow down or dry up.   Inferno Rubies selling at 80g per,  Armor patches selling for 300g.  Epic items dropping to half the price they were since their original patch introduction.  

Some gold goblins at this point are rolling up their tents and taking their wowcations.   This isn't a bad idea for some because it's becoming more and more difficult to keep the expected market incomes grinding into our coffers.   

Other goblins are looking to squeak out as much profit as they can from revisited markets.  One of them came to mind was the pyrite ore market.

If you remember at the beginning,  lots of speculation was given to the idea that epic gems would become available through the prospecting of pyrite ore.   When patch 4.3 PTR patches were introduced a collective 'ugh' was heard through all the prospectors.   Many were caught with their pants down and overstocked with pyrite ore in their guild banks.   But the cost of ore didn't stumble as fast as it probably should have.   There were still demand for the ore and for products that it was used for (Ebonsteel belt buckles and Truegold especially).  The market seemed to hover between 5 to 8 gold per ore (100g to 160g per stack).

The pyrite market seems to be coming down now to where it becomes more interesting on using it for production of income.   With some servers having their pyrite ore at 2.5g to 4g per (50g to 80g per stack) this makes it much more interesting to add more income to your coffers.   

Pyrite ore is very useful for not just the previous production of Ebonsteel belt buckles and Truegold but also the return of the Obsidium/Elementium Shuffle.   With storing up enchanting materials such as Heavenly Shards and Greater Celestial Essence for MOP, selling to enchanters both generating scrolls and leveling their professions to a maximum level is a reopening market to take advantage of.

Prospecting of pyrite ore creates Volatile Earth. The Volatile Earth market has taken a nosedive in the markets along with many of the other volatiles.   The question to consider is that will these recover when MOP is released and there is less production through transmutes by alchemist and prospecting.  Volatile Earth is going to be one of the cheapest volatiles used to level professions come MOP.  And with the large amount of new MOP players wanting to level their crafters,  just about everything will be in demand.

What other markets should be looked at to rediscover lost profits?  

Good Luck and Good Hunting

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