Selling for dummies

One of the biggest mistakes that both rookie and veteran gold goblins will do is to overprice an item.   As we get closer to Mists of Pandaria,  the markets on many of the epic items start to drain away.  Players start to save their gold for the new round of sales.  Many guilds go on a short hiatus from raiding to recharge their batteries for the next expansion.

But still from time to time there will be posts of epic items and unseasonable prices.  The logic being that one of their addons should price it at this amount.  Or they had read that a player had sold it at this inflated price.   At times their luck will run with them and someone will purchase it.  Other times that item just gets rotated over and over through the AH, til ultimately the new expansion hits and it becomes the new brown item to be vendored or DE'd.

One major skill of a gold goblin is to know when to start lowering their prices on items that will hold little or no value with the next expansion.  This directly applies to crafted items where instead of looking for a big score sale,   lowered profit per item but the ability to sell more items.   This will allow the same level of gold to continue to pour in,  but with less risk of holding onto items when they run out of playing life.

Maximum level required items (items requiring level 85) will end up becoming next to worthless in the next expansion.  Many of the opening questline rewards will dwarf in stats what the most powerful items available in the game today.  So emptying coffers of these items at "firesale" prices will allow a crafter to break even or squeak a small profit in the long term.

So look at your pricing in the next few weeks,  and if something isn't selling,  begin to lower it's price to be able to not get stuck with a very fancy in game toothpick.

Good Luck and Good Hunting

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