Back to the Tasks at Hand

Welcome back from your 4th of July Celebration.   Hopefully your burgers were well done and your potato salad non soggy.  

The weather in my home state is dry dry dry,  and so are many of the markets right now.   Epic items are still selling for decent profits,  but not nearly as well as they had in the past.  Armor patches and Spellthread can be sold for profits as well.

Right now converting gold to future investment opportunities is the name of the gold making game.  I use the mental formula of 1 to 2.  For every 2 items I sell,  I take the profits and invest half of that into my future materials.  Whether it be Netherweave cloth or leather or parts for engineering pets.

If you missed out this past two weeks on obtaining either the Ice Chip or Captured Flame for future investment.  Keep an eye on players unloading inventory on the Auction House for quick profits.  

The idea right now is to squeeze as much profit as you can while keeping a balance on the materials.  This can be the trickiest of times for a Gold Goblin.  Also it can be the most entertaining,  looking for gold goblin love in all the wrong places.

What markets are untapped for you right now?

Good Luck and Good Hunting

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