Born To Be Mild

And the hammer keeps falling from the Blizzard control center on "minor" changes with MOP.  The powers that be announced that pets caught in the "wild" would not be able to be traded or sold.  

The rest of the blurb did state that this could change in a future patch.   But it puts a big dent in the pet selling market.  This sets up that only pets that are purchased or crafted can be sold.  

It's understandable that Blizzard wants players to explore for their pets instead of just sitting around the Auction House and buying rare or extremely rare pets.  But those that were looking for big gold in selling the rare pets are scratching their head over what plans to make.

Preaching to my eyes have turned blue,  the home run theory of making gold isn't as successful as working on a production line mentality.   So planning ahead on what purchased/craftable pets will be popular.  Deciding whether buying and training pets will still be a viable way to make gold.

Blizzard will probably loosen the leash on wild pets,  once exploration and leveling begins to settle down (Probably patch 5.2 or so).   Think of this similar to when orbs have always started off as being BOP,  then switching to BOE later on.   This gives the player that explores and levels an advantage over players who crafters just sit in cities to generate revenue.

Pets such as the White Kitten in Stormwind or the Golden Dragonhawk Hatchling are good options to sell to the opposing faction.   The key will be finding the niche that players are not selling.  Even if it's the lowly cockroach from Undercity.  

These aren't new techniques,   they have been repeated time and time again.  But their important in pet selling market has just increased.  Even leveling a new purchased pet to level 5 can increase their selling price.   The balance is between how much time is spent to level and the selling price.

Mental or even physical recordkeeping will help you determine the true value of selling a pet.  And whether the selling of pets will ultimately be worth the effort.   Don't be afraid to just work on your own collection for now and deal with other avenues of sales.   Pet selling could easily become the new inscription when it comes to sales.   

Good Luck and Good Hunting

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