Its the little things

Goblins who take a look at what they have sold over their gold making careers would be surprised at the different markets they have been involved in.   From Epic weapons to blacksmithing rods.   Reselling cloth to ore,  the limits of where to make a single piece of copper is extraordinary.

With the removal of Blacksmithing rods from the game with MOP,  this brought to my mind just what other items that were going to be small,  but powerful sales in the future.   To me finding these small niche items determines whether you are just a seller,  or have reached gold goblin status.  

I've preached the benefits of Netherweave bags simply for their popularity.   They are the easiest to double your money on if you're a tailor.  But other items that get lost in the shuffle include Salt Shakers from Engeineers.   The Salt Shaker being used by Leatherworkers to craft Refined Deeprock Salt for professing lower level hides.   This is one of those items that many leatherworkers won't go and try to find,  until they need it.   And that's when a gold goblin smiles and says thank you when they take the gold.

Other items such as Engineers and their Flying Machine (with it's bigger brother the Turbo Flying Machine).   The farther that we get to the materials,  the more valuable these items become as they are crafted.   The key is to find items that a player could gather the materials for on their own,  but find it's easier to just pay more gold for the item.

Engineers may seem like they are the only ones that have these items,  but all of the professions have items that where small in nature,  can have a big reward is sold right.   From crafted mid level rings from Jewelcrafters.  To Low level enchants from enchanters.  All of these "small items" can add up to big profits as Mists of Panderia matures.

So as your winding down your sales for cataclysm,  look to see what items in your profession crafting that will be in demand by new players,  or players that forgot they needed these items.   This is where your sales will grow.

Good Luck and Good Hunting

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