Jewelcrafting Dailies.... or Something Similar

The powers that be at the Blizzard control center have released the second part of their master plan for the Jewelcrafting profession.   Along with the Zen Jewelcrafting token there will be a daily mechanic to produce the possibility of new patterns.

The whole thing seems to be revolving around having 3 of a specific color of raw gem.  After you have gathered this,  then you perform the spell based on the color of the gem.

There also is a wildcard Jewelcrafting transmute based on the BOP item Spirits of Harmony.  The Transmute called Secret of the Stone ignores the normal Jewelcrafting timer so it can be repeated based on how many Spirits of Harmony you have (it requires 3 each time)   So that gives you the possibility of multiple attempts to gain access to new patterns.  Look for a lot of money to be sunk in this,  and the base gems to get expensive from the start.   Once the new Elementium Shuffle for MOP is found,  this is going to be a huge advantage to Jewelcrafters.

The BOP nature of the Spirits of Harmony crafting material also gives a huge advantage to players that quest and enter into dungeons.   It allows them to be able to craft items that other players can't due to the requirement.

The target gems needed for the Jewelcrafting transmutes will be:

Wild Jade (Green)

Vermillion Onyx (Orange)

Imperial Amethyst (Purple)

Primordial Ruby (Red)

Rivers Heart (Blue)

Sun's Radiance (Yellow)

With the big three gems coming from the Red Gem Camp

Delicate Primordial Ruby (+160 Agility)
Brilliant Primordial Ruby (+160 Int)
Bold Primordial Ruby (+160 Strength)

These will be the three that will be in demand the most.  So grabbing these as quickly as possible and posting products for sale will be your first priority.

As with any new mechanic,   something like this could change in a moments notice.   Including whether there will be a guarantee recipe each timer period,  or a "chance" at one.    Both the token purchasing and the random pattern generator option will allows players to get into jewelcrafting quickly.

Good Luck and Good Hunting

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