Monday Morning Blues

The weekends I tend to do other projects,  loading up some articles on Friday to auto post.   One of the benefits of using a good interface such as

It also gives me time to look at places I neglect from time to time.  My personal twitter feed being one of them.  It is not my most active way of communicating with the blogging community.  But from time to time a message will come to me that strikes me to thinking.

A player took me to task saying they didn't have a large amount of time dedicated to making gold (This is paraphrased for the kiddies,  it was a much better description including a measurement that is not normally found in the metric system).

My response was specific and exactly how I felt.   Everyone should play the game exactly how they want too.  Do I think that players that raid and do not spend time making gold are any better or worse than players who work the AH?   The quick answer is no.  They pay the same 15 dollars a month and if it makes them happy then I wish them the best in their future endeavors.

When I take players to task is when they sit and complain about not making gold,  and do nothing to rectify the situation.   There are 100's of journals that gives tips and tricks,  farming spots.  Items to sell that will take seconds out of a player's time.   So to say that making gold in wow is difficult is doing a disservice to many.  Where pimpin ain't easy,  making gold can be as easy,  or as difficult as someone will make it.

We live in a world that is used to fast food,  fast cars and fast instant results.   It doesn't make it better,  but it makes it faster.  I will throw in the towel if I ever see instant sushi on the market.  This journal presents a route to obtain what I feel is a specific level of enjoyment in the game of Warcraft.   But I do not feel that having millions of gold in the bank makes a player better than someone else.  This same belief is also found when a player pats themselves on the back talking about how they have the uber weapon of smackiness mark 3.    Either way it's all dots and pixels and numbers on the screen.

Real world and gaming world overlap from time to time.   Being proud of what has been accomplished is everyone's right.   But it is also everyone's right to sit and eat cheetos and watch reruns of E.R.   My choice is to do something different.   And it's my 15 dollars that I put on the Blizzard table asking them to entertain me.

Good Luck and Good Hunting

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