Sunday not so Bloody Sunday

If someone ever walked into my office and looked at my desk,  they may see what looks like max confusion on an epic purple scale.   But to me it's more organized than what I have had done before.  Everything in a pile and a pile for everything.

So why is this important for a gold goblin?.  Because a structure of time and materials becomes paramount to getting your game chores done.   Having a plan from the start,  and a list of things to do becomes necessary to organize and conquer others.

I keep a list of chores that I have to perform everyday.  These include checking of auctions,  reading materials from other web sources and even checking/writing email to readers of my journals.   Without this list nothing would get done and I would be spinning my wheels.

Some players are fully capable of working on the fly when it comes to what they need to get done in the game.  And occasionally a chore list will make Warcraft seem like a job.   But before you have your dessert you have to eat your meat.   And without the gold and income from your sales,  then PVP becomes more difficult,  raiding repairs becomes more difficult and slowly your gold dwindles.   That's when that epic mount you have always wanted shows up on the Black Market Auction House and you are left with nothing but lint in your virtual pocket.

One of the most powerful addons that exist is the one between your gaming ears.   And organizing the chaos that can be gold making will bring you that much closer to your gold goblin goals.   

Good Luck and Good Hunting

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