The Return of Portal

Goblins who were playing wow during Wrath of the Lich King remember the portals that were in Dalaran.   These portals could make zipping to the capital cities a breeze.  Especially during holiday quests.   With the introduction of the Cataclysm expansion the portals only went to one city (Stormwind and Orgrimmar) and limited a lot of the ease of travel.

With Mists of Panderia,  the main hub will be Vale of the Eternal Blossom.   During the initial beta there was an auction house found in this area.  But with one of the newest beta patches it changed into portals going to the major cities.  Also included was portals to both Shattrath and Dalaran.

This will make a lot more opportunity for gold goblins to become available.  Instead of having to take the Zepplin over to Northrend to pick up resellable objects.  You can portal over to Dalaran,  finish up  your vendor run for pets quicker.  Quicker runs allow more time to list and quest.

Also this opens up making your daily cooking quests and Jewelcrafting quests much easier to finish.  Setting up and win/win situation for players overall.

I'm hoping this is the final change they do portal wise.   Shattrath and Dalaran were very missed portals during Cataclysm.  So plan ahead on which toons you plan on parking in this area.   Building a pattern of travel from the start will make things a lot easier when you need to get somewhere quick.

Good Luck and Good Hunting

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