The Rod Giveth and Blizzard Taketh away

With the latest beta build (some number that gets lost in the ether) Blizzard finally dealt a big blow to the Blacksmithing profession.  With one simple line they made every new Enchanter cheer as well.

All rods were removed, everything now uses a Copper Rod.

This is one of the reasons that a good gold goblin will keep an eye on these build updates.  The loss of sales from Rods with MOP will cut a lot into both stockpiling and continual sales.  Low end rods such as silver rods and eternium rods were very popular to flip for easy profits.

This is one of the reasons why I'm a proponent of keeping your stockpiling materials liquid as much as possible.   Goblins who crafting rods ahead of time will need to liquidate their stockpiles quickly.   Goblins to left the materials to craft the rods in it's raw form will be able to shift those items into other lanes of profit.

Don't be suprised if this isn't the last change that Blizzard will do to professions to balance out crafting for new players.  It's already been established that low level items in all of the professions will generate multiple points for production.   Speeding up the leveling process for new players to get into the higher level crafted items.   

In the next few weeks when we get closer to a finished patch there will be more and more changes that could effect how profits will be obtained from stockpiling.   Also look next week for my master list of items to stockpile before MOP releases.

Good Luck and Good Hunting.

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