Tis the day to blow things up

Today is one of those days that Americans should enjoy.  Regardless of politics or place in the world.   America is still the land of opportunity.   I can testify to that simply from being able to bring gold tips to readers.

Just a few notes before letting everyone get back to their hamburgers and hotdogs and adult beverages.

The Midsummer fire festival ends at 3 a.m in the morning.   So make sure you've spent all your blossoms for items,  including the pet.  Most servers have a lot of them on the AH now,  but that supply will slowly dwindle.   When the pet battle system comes live with the expansion the pets should sell very well.

Also don't forget to get one last shot at ahune.  The items are underpowered,  but there is a pet that drops from the bags as well.  Also the polearm makes you look like the grim reaper.

Have a safe and happy 4th of July.  And don't forget our brothers and sisters in other countries protecting our freedom.

Good Luck and Good Hunting


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