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Welcome to the cult of the gold goblin my recruits.  You'll find the dues are low,  and the expectations are high.  Our members demand large amounts of gold.   They also demand information,  and a little bit of humor involved.   Mistakes will be made,  but they will not be repeated.  Membership is always optional,  but once you get in,  you can never get out.

There are times that I can make gold making into a cult like belief.   Between changing attitudes and looking at the difference between a gold goblin and someone floundering in their own lack of options.   And at times it probably even comes off that someone has to be the heavy.

Passing on information is enjoyable to me.  Whether it's by something humorous that has occurred in my journey.  Something that crosses my mind at the speed of thought,  or just something that I want to discuss.   Information is the key to enjoying making gold.  We can easily accomplish our goals with a few new techniques.  What makes us gold goblins is that we can share those beliefs with others,  and allow them to enjoy the fruits of their labor.

Little tidbits get put out every day with this site.   Do I believe that every time I post something up that it's gold?   Not really,  that would be egotistical of me.   What I do hope to share is to tilt your thought process in a different direction.  To see investments as not just a chore,  but also as a chance to stretch your prowess.  Stretch your abilities to become better in the World of Warcraft.  Occasionally you might even be able to apply what you have learned in Warcraft to your real life.   That is when we truly become a cult for good.

Good luck and Good Hunting

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