Whats the Frequency Mommar?

Since many players are taking their Warcraft vacations now,  it becomes more and more difficult to keep your gold income at the same levels.   This isn't something new that I've been saying.  If you have read any of my previous articles there are snippets of slowing down in all markets.

But hopefully one of the things that you have been picking up is the idea to be prepared for not just short term sales,  but also the long term sales.  Whether it's new bags that get added with MOP,  or new crafting items.   Where there will end up being a lot of money out there from the start with returning players.  There will also be many cash poor new players struggling to get their first mount.

So when your planning out your sales,  take both the short and long sales into consideration.   I was asked recently just how much a Haunted Memento would be worth in MOP.   When they are listed on the AH from time to time they remain unsold for as much as 25k gold.   If you haven't played with one,  it's a completely useless item other than having a shadow that follows you everywhere (never use it when your a rogue in PVP,  it definitely defeats the purpose of stealth).

The memento was introduced during the scourge invasion with patch 3.02 (Wrath of the Lich King opening event).   If you didn't participate in the event,  then the only chance to have one is from the AH or a private sale.

Doing a quick mental calculation I explained to the questioner just what they could get for the item.  People who wanted one have already paid the price for them.  Even now when I play with one of mine I will get questions of what is that,  and offers on the low side for a irreplaceable item.   But once Mists of Pandaria goes live,  and more money is available to players,  then there will be more demand for these trinket items.   And the price will start to go higher and higher.   The biggest difference is going to be demand between a quick sale and an extended sale later in the expansion.  I quoted them a price of 3k at the beginning of MOP if they wanted a quick sale.   Following up with the statement that later in the expansion that 15k wouldn't be unheard of.   

The holiday pets are in the same area of sales.   Look on the Auction house now and you see less and less of the holiday pets as the months tick off.   A sweet spot exists between supply and demand.   You know that these pets will once again be available with the next holiday event.  The key to being a gold goblin is to ride that wave to it's peak and then be prepared for the next demand.

So as your looking at your inventory in your guild or toon bank,  don't just throw all of your items on the Auction house for quick sales.  Plan out whether that item might be in higher demand when more money floods the game.   

Now to sell that bridge in New York I own in trade chat.   

Good Luck and Good Hunting

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