Harmony? We Don't need Harmony

For those that have been gold goblins during more than one expansion,  they understand the toils and tribulations of BOP crafting materials.   It puts a damper on production for toons unless they are active in questing and dungeons.   Items such as Frozen Orb,  Chaos Orb and other BOP crafting items drove prices higher and higher.  These Bind on Pickup items hit hard on players who used one or two of their characters the majority of the time.  

In later patches all of these became Bind on Equip,  but the first profits from the top were captured by players that were active.  The new Bind on Pickup crafting item is going to end up being Spirit of Harmony.  It's undetermined exactly how Spirit of Harmony drops (some have reported from dungeon drops,  others from basic mobs).   Either way it's obvious that the powers that be at Blizzard do not want their crafters to be sitting in home cities crafting without being active.

This is going to require an adjustment on your daily activity.  By now you should already have a decent idea of which toon you want to level first.   It will become very important to know which toon will allow you the most profit,  while still continuing with your goals towards raiding.

Another option will be to look to drop a profession for another more active one.   Jewelcrafting seems to be immune to the needs of a Spirit of Harmony.  Blacksmiths and Leatherworkers will be in great need to obtain these items for epic pattern manufacturing.   Planning out your strategy now will save you the need to change professions or options later during Mists of Pandaria.

A little paperwork and a little math will set you a long way towards using Spirit of Harmony to put you on top of the gold goblin pack.

Good Luck and Good Hunting.

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