MOP: Powerleveling Leatherworking in the Vale

Hey Gang,  it's Mommar again (one of these days it might be someone else you know).

Figured I would give you a good heads up.  Kaliope over at has put her her powerleveling guide for Leatherworking.  I don't believe that just copying and pasting is fair so to make
sure she gets some link love here is the link to her guide Kaliope's Power leveling Zen Leatherworking.

After you've read that,  you will see that it appears and many of the professions are not going to require exotic ingredients as it has in the past.   The only thing that you will need to worry about is obtaining the recipes form the vendors at The Vale of Eternal Blossoms.  

If you enjoyed unlocking the vendors at Twilight Highlands,  then you're sure to love going through the opening sequence in Vale of Eternal Blossoms.   It doesn't seem to be open to unlocking to Level 87.  You can go there earlier but there aren't any quests available.

Just as what happened with Cataclysm and Twilight Highlands to unlock The Vale you have an opening quest line.

1.  [Quest] Temple of the White Tiger from Wang Chung outside the Temple Gates in Kun-Lai Summit

Pretty simple.  Go to Kun-Lai Summit and find Sunwalker Dezco at coordinates 68.6 43.0

He then sends to you Xuen for your next part.

Again relatively simple.  Talk to Xuen, (68.8 42.8)  You have to kill three mobs 
(must be the first to tag for credit)

1.  Regular Copy of yourself
2.  Black and White Copy of yourself 
3.  King Varian for Horde or Garrosh Hellscream for Alliance

(For some reason I'm going to get this idea that in my mind I'll be saying 'stop hitting yourself' during the first two trials.

Going back to Xuen to turn in the quest you get the third quest from Sunwalker Dezco

3.  [Quest]  A Witness to History

Pretty simple again.   Get the quest from Sunwalker Dezco,   enjoy the cinematic (or go and get your favorite adult beverage) and then turn in the quest to Zhi the Harmonious.  (This last turn in NPC has changed two or three times so don't be surprised if it changes once more before the Mists of Pandaria release.)

Then you are now in the Vale of the Eternal Blossoms.  Welcome to your new home of dailies,   vendors and overall just good panda love.  At least it wasn't as complicated as Twilight Highlands go.  
Make sure to read more of Kaliope's writings and guides.   

Good Luck and Good Hunting

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