Post Patch Weekend Arrives

It's Mommar fellow goblins and goblinettes:

The first weekend of a new patch is always the stress test on markets.   This is many times when the casual players start to return with gold and items on their mind.   The next three days will tell the story
on just how successful that the patches were as far as the gold economy.

It's been up and down for many players on servers.  Some have been reporting excellent sells in the glyph markets and other items,  while others are struggling,  mostly do to players not returning back
as expected.  Commodities such as ore and cloth are still depressed (good investment potential for when
the main event opens on September 28th.

Just keep in mind to look for new opportunities to take advantage of.   Don't get into a mental rut and just
assume that if you don't have the item to craft that you can't make gold.  Flipping items on the AH such
as Ink and even basic dust from vendors can rake in profits just as easily as manufacturing the item 

Also keep an eye on the players that are still dumping their extra products on the AH.  Multiple guild 
banks and in special need of spring cleaning.  What might seem like junk now could be valuable to 
levelers.  Keep an eye on items that are faction turn ins for reputation.

Firewing Signets and Arcane Tomes are inexpensive right now.  As new players progress through the old player areas,  these turn in items could sell for good profits.

Make sure to keep an eye out for your expenses as well.   Demand always picks up on the weekends 
and holidays.  So items will sell well,  but crafters might see an increase in raw mineral cost.  Look 
before you leap on what you buy and what you craft.

Paying attention on the weekends and knowing what to buy puts you above the game and ahead of the
other goblins in the race.

Good luck and Good Hunting
(and stay safe this weekend).

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