I Bought My Gear On Ebay

When the black market auction house concept was introduced with Mists of Pandaria.   Players drooled at the possibility of obtaining rare or impossible items.  Items that were no longer available in game.   This was the driving force for the idea of the BMAH and how valuable it could be.

As I was finally arriving to the drooling masses standing in front of Madam Goya I noticed something very peculiar.   There were some very powerful items on the BMAH.   Articulated Legplates(heroic) and Fragment of Fear Made Flesh (heroic).   This was very strange because these were both 509 level items that only dropped in heroic raids.

Where I am fine with the idea of making gear available to the casual player with the raid finger.   The idea of being able to plunk 20,000 gold and be decked in a Heroic only item doesn't sit well.   At least not this early in the expansion.  Later when raids start to become farmed by the majority of guilds,  there are always advertisements for 5,000 or 10,000 join in groups with a guarantee item drop.  

My biggest concern is that this will shorten the length of the discovery time that the first part of the Mists of Pandaria expansion holds.   The initial expansion and subsequent patches have a standard shelf life of interest to players.   After that shelf life has expired they begin to get anxious for the next content patch.   With more and more powerful armor becoming available,  tactics will become less and less important and pure bull power will get them through dungeons and raids.

Everyone has been on a raid that contained at least one person you would swear purchased their character on amazon.   They had no idea on how to use their characters talents and abilities.   They were carried through the entire raid (with even the healer doing more DPS).  The taunts of 'did you buy your toon from Ebay ringing through group and raid chat.   Now it seems that Ebay might be losing business because if it only takes a few thousand gold to purchase high level gear.  It does not bode well to the raiding community who have earned their gear through hard work and teamwork.

Now granted,  it will be very time consuming to gear your toon through the black market auction house.  But even two to three pieces can raise an inadequate player into a high enough ilvl to get them into a raid finder group.  

Hopefully Blizzard developers will remain vigiliant and make sure that these items are limited to a few and not flooding the BMAH market.  Otherwise this concept will be another nail in the coffin of World of Warcraft.

Good Luck and Good Hunting  

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