Its not being lazy, it's being unmotivated

Players tend to find the easiest way between two points.    Whether it's getting a port to a new city from mages or having another person with a two person mount take you to a new spot.

But when it comes to us gold goblins,  we depend on the unmotivated players to buy items to use for
crafting.   Players either end up not knowing where something is found,  or not wanting to run all the
way to the vendor to buy it for themselves.   And all of this "convenience" comes at a price.   

These are sometimes simple items on the Auction House such as Plain Wooden Staff that is used to create the level 85 staves

Silver Inlaid Staff
Rosethorn Staff

Even in Mists of Pandaria these simple sticks will be used for the two upgradable staffs that are made by scribes (these staffs are bound to account)

Ghost Iron Staff  upgrades to Inscribed Tiger Staff
Rain Poppy Staff upgrades to Inscribed Crane Staff or Inscribed Serpent Staff

(The staves are only upgradeable by scribes,  but able to be passed to any toon on the same account)

Many times players will look for Dust of Disappearance on the AH instead of purchasing it from the vendor themselves.   This will undoubtedly apply similar to Tome of the Clear Mind during the Mists of Pandaria expansion.   Players looking to change glyphs or to change talents will want many of these items on the spot..  Convenience always equals extra cash from the Auction House and from players.

Items such as the Warbot Iginition Key that players can buy in Dalaran and the major cities at the toy shops are selling for 2-4x their cost from the Auction House.   All for the sake of convenience to the player,  and profit to the seller.

There is a long list of these items that you can resell for a profit.  Vendor recipes (check here for a list)
all the way to Techniques sold to scribes from Dalaran and Twilight Highlands.   Players pay a premium price to save time and effort.

An argument can be easily made that this is taking advantage of the players.  That gold goblins should not prey on the uninformed or the unmotivated.  But Convenience stores have been doing it for years.   Paying 2-3 dollars extra for your favorite adult beverage instead of going to the local grocery store.   How players decide to make their gold is up to you.   Caveat Emptor (Let the buyer beware for the Latin uninformed) must be the guide for your sales.

Bumping up your sales with these items can add a bridge to your other professions.  The bridge that leads to more profits,  and more enjoyment of the gold you make.

Good Luck and Good Hunting

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