Arrow to the Knee

A Half Hobbled Mommar here.

As my guild was running around doing some easy raids to get back into the teamwork function of playing,  someone had made a joke about dying and getting an 'arrow in the knee'.

I found this more amusing than I probably should have.  About a year and a half ago I was in a car accident that damaged my left knee.    Not a big thing but over the next year it got steadily worse and worse.   So yesterday I ended up having a knee scope to help clear up some of the damage.   It was a day procedure but I came home and started recovery.

So why do I tell you about this?   Because no matter what you see in the game of Warcraft   That hot looking troll dancing on the mailbox for tips,  or that mouthy toad in trade chat that's egging on for attention.   You never know the story that someone might be carrying with them behind the keyboard.  

People will be people no matter what you do and how you react.   The reaction that comes normal might be exactly what they are looking for.  Craving the attention both good and bad as long as it's directed towards them.   It's a nature of the beast when it comes to playing a social game.  How you react to their demands is what is revealed about your character.

This isn't myself climbing on my soapbox and preaching to the masses.  That isn't my style.  But every so often I want people to see Warcraft not just for a pixel infested micro society.  I want them to view it in different ways.  For some it's a way to escape the pain of having to recover from an injury,  or to be able to enjoy some relaxation from a stressful life.   For some it can be an addiction that has to become treated.  But behind every person that we want to call 'noob' or 'moron',  there lives someone that is just like us.

Just keep this in mind that as we progress through Mists of Pandaria and beyond,  we truly are in this all together whether we like it or not.   So keep your head in the game and sometimes,  saying nothing might be saying more than is necessary.

Good Luck and Good Hunting

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