But How Much Is It?

Through most of my life I have worked hourly jobs.  Whether it was through temp agencies or being hired directly.  There is a certain ebb and flow when it comes to punching a time clock and looking at a paycheck that should be just a little bit more.

Many people in today's economy save through different methods.   They drop the money in the bank and never see it again til they need it.  Others will live check to check without any savings at all.  Living on credit cards and hopes for the future.

Warcraft players are no different in how they work with the WOW economy.  Every day their crafters will make gold (their paychecks).   Players dream of what they want and how to obtain these items.   Investments occur that will allow them to obtain more in their daily paychecks to save towards more expensive items.

One of the methods I've always used to save money in my real life is to figure out exactly how much in hourly wages an item would cost.   If I worked for 8 dollars an hour,  then that meal at McDonalds costing me 10 dollars would cost me an hour and a half of work.   An item costing 100 dollars costs me 12-14 hours etc.  

The same idea can be applied to your World of Warcraft professions.   That ring on the Black Market Auction House costing 30,000g would cost you at least 10 sales at 3000g profit a piece.   Larger profitable items would cut the amount of sales necessary to obtain the wanted ring.   Each time the cost goes up,  the more necessary your profession masters have to hustle sales and eat up more time
and planning.

I was watching an Auction on the Black Market Auction House last night on my home server.  It was for a heroic ring that dropped from one of the later raid bosses.  The bidding had been bumped up to 110,000g.   For most gold goblins that is a hefty amount to invest for a ring that will be replaced with the next patch.   Many players would sell their guild to have 110,000g in the bank.   Many players will never reach that level in their gaming life.   Not without a lot of work and a little luck.

So the question rides how much is something worth when you purchase it in World of Warcraft?  Each item you buy carries a cost of your time and your effort and even the connection of a sale between players.  With Mists of Pandaria being slightly more difficult to earn gold,  each sale becomes that much more precious to hold onto.  And each amount of gold becomes that much more valuable in the end.

So purchasing wisely becomes just as important as what crafters you level and what items you look to sell.   Keep that in mind when you look to purchase your next shiny item for your character.  What is the true answer to how much something is worth?

Good Luck and Good Hunting

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