Buying Patterns For Investment

Every so often on the auction houses patterns will arrive for sale.   Before Mists of Pandaria these patterns were found on the faction auction houses or the cross faction auction houses.

Yesterday on the Black Market Auction House was the mail pattern Rainment of Blood And Bone that had peaked my interest.   I decided to babysit the pattern on the auction house for the last 20 minutes to see what it would end up selling for.  I decided to throw some gold at it and pick it up.

Now understand my thought process when it comes to investing in patterns.  I generally go through a quick mental checklist on whether the pattern is valueable to me or if I should just walk away.

1.   Is it useful for my guild?

In this case it's a mail pattern that is useful for Hunters and Enhancement Shamans.  With my guild there are going to be 2 of these on our main raiding team.  Other than the Spirits of Harmony the other materials are BOE and can be provided by whoever in the guild wants the piece of armor.

A side note for this.  Some guilds will allow their crafters to charge for items crafted for guild mates  I've never went with this philosophy with my crafting.   Being fully capable of making gold outside my guild through various methods,  I do not need to fleece my own guild for more cash.   I would much rather keep them happy with providing armor I can make,  than just worrying about making a few more gold pieces.  

There is a caveat for this,   at times I have been irritated at guild members for their behavior and what I considered non beneficial guild behavior.   If they choose to be selfish with their behavior towards the guild,  then it's my responsibility to fleece them for everything I can.  And then drop that into the guild bank as payment for their behavior.   Some may not agree with this,  but it is my choice and probably the only non cooperative behavior I will show to a guild member.  

2.   Can I resell the item at a profit?

This can be the most difficult decision of buying a pattern.   In this case I purchased the Rainment of Blood and Bone for lets say X amount of gold.   My mental calculations had to take into respect how much the materials would cost for me to either buy or farm.   How popular the pattern would be and just how many I would have to sell to break even.

Spirits of Harmony in this case are BOP so it would be necessary to farm them myself.   This costs me time,  and as the gold goblin code says 'Time is Money'.  

Magnificent Hide is crafted and relatively easy to buy the materials for.   Also it can be skinned from mobs in the Jade Forest.   Either way of obtaining this material isn't that costly.

Blood Spirit is the most expensive of the items needed right now.   These are disenchanted from Epic level items from raids.   Raiding season isn't in full swing and the raid farming has not begun.  Later on these materials will become plentiful and easy to obtain as well.  So currently it's an expensive item to craft,  but later on will become very viable.

3.   Is it useful for my personal toons

One of two pieces of armor crafted can become very useful to get a toon into a higher level dungeon or heroic.   This becomes especially useful once the materials become more plentiful on the auction house.   So keeping to the plan for future crafting for alternates to get them into raiding level situations.

4.   Can I afford the investment.

Not every gold goblin is made of gold.  Players everyday have to consider whether they have the bankroll to be able to make a large investment for future profits.   There is nothing wrong with walking away from a pattern because it might cost you over half of your current gold stash.   This won't be the last time a pattern like this is going to be available.   The more that players run Heroics and Raiding the more apt these patterns become available.  There is a premium to pay for being one of the first on a server to have a pattern.   But some players just don't have the money right now to pay for that premium cost.

After picking up my purchase from my mailbox and learning the pattern,  I added it to my future plans and materials I needed to collect for the item.  And already started adding the possible profits into my head.   I'm a gold goblin at heart,  I've got ethereal mouths to feed you know.

Good Luck and Good Hunting

Want to get in contact with me? . Email me at Dragonbearjoe @ gmail. dOT com or find me on twitter at "@JMTCMommar" You can find me hanging out on the Shandris Server, chat me up and I will buy you a glass of juice. 

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