Can Pokewow be saved?

Pet battles was a major ingredient that Blizzard counted towards the success or failure of Mists of Pandaria.   Their goal seemed to be to bring the more casual player into a solo adventure game.  Also included in this target audience for the battle pet game was younger players.  

I've talked to many players who play the pet battle games with their children and to them it has been a roaring success.   In that case,  the pet battle game has been very successful.   Other players will talk about the addictive nature of "catching them all" as they travel and train around Pandaria.

But for a gold goblin view of the pet battle it's been a relative failure.   Gold goblins groaned out load when the news that wild pets would be removed from the options to sell on the open market.   Learned pets going account wide as well as issues with many of the add-ons for sales has caused the pet market to be difficult for some and nearly impossible to become profitable on other servers.

A rough draft of patch 5.1 has arrived on the PTR's with some changes to the pet battle system.   The big change is the ability to take a Battle Stone and upgrade a pet.   Where the stones themselves are Bind on Pickup,   upgrading a pet to a Uncommon,  polished or even perfect level could jump start the sales of high level pets on the auction house.

In the coming month more information about the battle pet changes will be released.   Small changes can have a large impact on how players view and even play the pet battle system.  More interest into a system could spark income possibilities for gold goblins.   If pet sales have been floundering for you up to now,  there is hope on the horizon.

Good Luck and Good Hunting

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