Dailies For The Second String

Mommar here.

Many players are knee deep in their first or second character that they are leveling to 90.   Wading through the quests,  and cut scenes and overall enjoyment of Mists of Pandaria.

But what about those lonely alts that are sitting in their home cities doing nothing but holding items until they are called on.  Until they are needed for their crafting ability or just for entertainment.

One thing to consider is to take some time and add them to the mix of your daily 'chores'.   During holidays such as Brewfest there are many quests that can be knocked out in a small amount of time.   Finishing all the quests for Brewfest takes about 30 minutes the first day,  and around 10 minutes the rest of the holiday.   If you add up both of the daily quests during Brewfest you end up with around 100,000 xp per day at 85.   Also included in this during Brewfest is the access to the Brewfest tokens to purchase the two pets (Pint-Sized Pink Pachyderm and Wolpertinger's Tankard) for resell on the battle pet market.

Brewfest isn't the only holiday to offer quests with little time involved to finish.   Almost all of the holidays have simple to finish quests that offer rewards regardless of level.   Having more XP when you later on start your questing in Mists of Pandaria allows you to arrive to your maximum level that much faster.   All for a little investment of time.

Profession dailies also add to your profession point total with just that investment time.   Whether it's fishing or cooking,  having your second or third string characters starting to level their professions before hitting the turf of Pandaria can be very beneficial.

Taking a look at your daily quest opportunities can add not just a little bit of variance to your chore list, but also set you in a higher plateau once your ready to start leveling the backup dancers on your character list.

Good Luck and Good Hunting

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