Discipline In The Ranks

Mommar here.

Players are learning harsh but valuable lessons with the opening weeks of Mists of Pandaria.   They are learning that many of the options that were available to make gold have become more difficult with the changes in crafting.

With the need to level a character up to 87, flood of raw materials on the auction house and the large amount of crafters overpowering the market with cheaper and cheaper items.   This is where the learned discipline becomes very important.

Having a list of goals and expectations for oneself becomes much more important than just guessing on where the next step should be.   When your leveling your scribe will these Crane Wing Shoulder Inscription recover my investment from the auction house?   Or saving this for my later leveling characters be more efficient?  What is the most efficient path to learn for Jewelcrafting dailies?  

Discipline becomes very necessary in both time and materials used.   Power leveling guides can give us a good source of fast leveling with the least amount of raw materials used.  Leveling guides such as Wow-pro.com or Zygor's Leveling Guide can provide the quickest steps to obtain maximum levels.

The important part of the next week or so is to decide to save materials at their most inexpensive cost to you.  Attempting to use the idea of Zero Balance Investment as I discussed in an earlier article,  combined with fundamental sales can place you in a good position later on in the expansion.

Gold goblins must change in the idea that they have to be slow and patient with their personal cartel setup.  Looking at the long term planning instead of the short term losses.   This does not mean there is not money available now.  But later on down the road there will be larger amounts of money available to those that disciplined themselves and planned ahead for the long travels through this expansion.

Good Luck and Good Hunting

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