For Who Does the Songbell Toll

Mommar here.

Much of my crafting life seems to be wrapped around the collection of Spirits of Harmony and daily quests.    One of the faults with World of Warcraft is that with the varied amount of things to do with the game,  a certain amount of farming is required to be successful.

A friend of the journal read my discussions and pointed out something to me.   Once you hit Revered with the Tillers that there is a a plant that can be harvested for Motes of Harmony.

Being someone who can admit that I miss things from time to time I wanted to explore this to see if there was an advantage to using this seed.

Revered with the tillers can take up to two weeks to obtain.   By this time you should have 12 slots available to plant.   Your daily planting from Farmer Yoon will eat up a minimum of 1 of these slots to continuing building reputation with Farmer Yoon and the tillers.

So this gives s 11 slots to plant our Songbell plants.  Each of these plants offer us 1 Mote of Harmony per plot.   Planting this way will give you 1 Spirit of Harmony per day.   On rare days you will be able to harvest your crop immediately

The biggest concern with this strategy is that it will seriously slow down your ability to obtain crops through anything but  purchasing through Auction House or drops from Beasts/Humanoids in selected areas.  Also unless you continue to plant Farmer Yoon's request his reputation gains will falter as well.

Half way between revered and exalted with the tillers your farm will expand to 16 slots.   This gives you access to a full Spirit of Harmony and 6 Motes of Harmony per day.   If food is not as necessary to you on a daily basis for cooking then obtaining a spirit of harmony for a few minutes work is a good trade off.

Farming mobs in specific areas will still over the long haul offer you more opportunities to obtain crafting supplies such as Motes of Harmony.   But planting your crops with Songbell is also a viable method to farm these same materials.

The gang at have an excellent guide that will walk you through The Tillers reputation and how to maximize your daily gains with the farmers.

Farming has become a major part of World of Warcraft during the Pandarian campaign.   Taking advantage of your time and effort will allow you to be on top of your own crop piles.   Throwing fruit at the other Gold Goblins.

Good Luck and Good Hunting

P.S.   Xsinthis from the Consortium forums is sponsoring a Warcraft gold census.   Take a few minutes and add your voice.

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  1. You can use all 12 spots for songbells. Plant Yoon's crop first, turn in the quest, use the shovel to dig up the crop, and re-plant with songbell....

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