Long Term Plans

Planning and strategy has added a new dimension to being a gold goblin.   With previous expansions it was much easier to arrive at a certain crafting level,   buy raw materials and then craft items for profit. There was very little planning necessary.   Call it blunt force investing,   it was just necessary to obtain the patterns and go our merry crafting way.

With Mists of Pandaria it has become more important to stay on schedule when it comes to using your crafting timers.  Whether it's Scrolls of Wisdom with scribes,  Living Steel with Alchemist or the Jewel crafting timer to learn new cuts.   Each time one of these timers is missed,  it puts the timing to finish up an epic item one day farther down the road.

Lets look at something from the Inscription epics to show what I mean

Inscribed Crane Staff

Rain Poppy Staff x 1
Starlight Ink  x 20
Scroll of Wisdom x 20
Spirit of Harmony x 5

So if you look at the numbers strictly.   The first 5 Spirits of Harmony you collect are already called for with the crafting pattern.   If you obtain no more than these 5 then it will take a minimum of 20 days to craft the staff.   Once you reach level 90 there are weekly Inscription quests that you can obtain Scrolls of Wisdom as well.  All of those quests require extra Spirits of Harmony to complete.   This is why paying attention to your profession timers and even just taking the 5 minutes to finish them every day can pay off.

The other two timer based items,  Living Steel and your gem research timer for jewel crafting   Both are more forgiving due to the use of Spirits of Harmony for extra transmutes/research.  For players who have their crafters still sitting in main cities, this ends up keeping them only available for the daily crafting/research.

Living Steel also can be purchased to replace lost days,  but is still extremely expensive on multiple servers.   The daily timer and lack of Spirits of Harmony drops keeps these items rare and valuable.  But then rare and valuable also brings a smile of opportunity to a gold goblins eye.

Keeping track of your profession transmutes/research will set you on the right track.  And keeping a disciplined planned attack at crafting will reap rewards as you continue your quest through Pandaria

Good Luck and Good Hunting

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