Must Have Farming Equipment

There are many things that go into the needs for a farmer.   From having the time and the areas that are good to farm,  having the right equipment can give you an advantage over others.

One of these is from the engineering school of professions,  the Mist Piercing Goggles.   These goggles can sit in your inventory and increase your ability to find nodes for both mining and herbs.  For engineers this is a nice money maker since the item is BOE and can have the bottleneck cost of the two Spirits of Harmony required to craft.

Blizzard changed the way that farmers had to equip themselves.  Giving bonuses to the tools needed instead of making them required tools.    Mining Pick and Skinning Knives are still valuable with their +10 bonuses to the skill levels.   These bonuses allow players to get to higher level herbs and mining nodes faster.

With Mists of Pandaria flying not available til 90,  taking advantage of the territory covered with land mounts become that much more important.   Seeing nodes and digging spots for mining and herbalism becomes just as important as getting there quickly.   Where many of the quests in the opening portion of Pandaria quest lines occur around rivers and mountain areas,  the more nodes that become available for picking and mining the better profit margins will become.

As Mists of Pandaria continues,  and high level crafting begins to kick into high gear.   Materials will become more in demand and farmers can lead the way to easy gold.   Just make sure that the items in your bag present you in the best situation to ride the crest of goblin gold making.

Good Luck and Good Hunting

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