Steel Negotiations

When travelling through the twists and turns of tradechat,  many times players will see advertisements to sell their Living Steel alchemist transmute.

This can be a lucrative business by itself.   Prices ranging from 200g to 450g using their materials.  It's a quick profit that doesn't require the use of the auction house.   But there are always a few questions that pop up from time to time.

If your a transmute specialist you have the chance of transmuting more than one Living Steel each time.   Many players will watch on their general category tab to see what is actually transmuted in the chance that theirs is an extra item produced.  In some players mine they feel that the extra item is theirs since it was their materials used to produce the Living Steel

As the crafter of the item you have every right to offer them the item they paid for and keep the proceeds.  Whether in a production setting 24 candy bars are produced or 36 candy bars are produced the price remains the same per candy bar.  The same with other options in a production setting.  The consumer is paying for the item itself.  

But there is a train of thought that continues to the idea that the buyer is paying for your time.  The production item is the reward for paying for your time.   As the Gold Goblin code says,  time is money.

The best idea is to make sure that you have this understood ahead of time before you transmute anything.  If you are barking in trade chat to sell your transmute,  use the idea that any extra items transmuted can be sold to the player at a discount.  They pay for the timer at 400g,  any extras would be available for sale to them at 250g a piece extra.   This may seem like a loss to some.  But in a highly competitive market,  any extra gold can add up quickly. (This applies specifically to Transmute specialists)

The other key to being successful in this area of sales is to keep an eye on the competition.   Players will start a quick bidding war for the transmutes.  Rates begin to drop like stone from 500g to 400g to 300g attempting to get a consumers attention.   Don't get caught in a bidding war so that you start to cut into profits.   Your baseline profit margin should always be available.  If you can get 350g profit from the auction house from listing your item,  that should be your cut off point to sell the timer itself.   Otherwise you are letting someone else dictate your profit margins.

Barking your Alchemist timer in trade can be very beneficial to your Gold Goblin Profit line.  Knowing the balance between profit and ease can put you on top of the negotiations.

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Good Luck and Good Hunting

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