The Measure Of A Goblin

Mommar here.

As I was doing some smelting of trillium ore to make Trillium Bars,  the guild I belong too started talking about being Warcraft rich.  

Everyone has a different level of what they consider being rich in Warcraft or not.   Some players will believe that once they hit the million gold mark that they are rich.  Others are happy with the idea of having 100,000 gold in their grubby goblin hands.

Each person sets their own expectations,   reaches them and then has the choice of expanding those expectations or being satisfied with what they have achieved.    The important part is that it is a self belief and not something that is set by someone else.

As the discussion continued the guild member talked about having 2 guild banks full of items.   That was his level of being Warcraft rich.   Being the sarcastic instigator I can be at times,  I chirped in about 2 guild banks being a little bit of slacking off to me (I currently have 5 guild banks across 6 toons).  Still being the champ at killing a conversation boss the discussion moved onto other topics.

After finishing my ore smelting (yes,  he who smelt it dealt it) I took a look again at just where everything was spread out.   I was determining for myself whether I do consider myself Warcraft rich and a true gold goblin.   This was not a matter of measuring between other players,  but just looking at my own goals and what I intend to do with the rest of Mists of Pandaria expansion and beyond.

After looking at the daily totals for gold,   I saw once again that where I could hold my head up high and give myself a pat on the back.   Tomorrow would be a new day and setting new goals is what would push me beyond where I was now.

So measure your own goals for today.   Look at where you want to be at tomorrow,  and enjoy the ride and where you have been.  Each day is a new goal and a new expectation.  

Good Luck and Good Hunting

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