The Vikings Are Upon Us....

Mommar here.

It's the weekend for all of us,   except those that have to work through the weekend and get their days off on Tuesday (my sympathies).    It's a little under two weeks since the release of Mists of Pandaria.   The first full weekend where raiding guilds will start to sharpen their skills for the race to more loot.

As gold goblins it will be very important to have all of our shiny goodies out to sell.   High level enchants,  Leg armors and shoulder inscriptions.  Perfect cut and blue level gems ready to be sold at high profits.

The weekend tends to become up and down when it comes to raw materials.   Buying early in the morning and then reselling later during the day when players are enhancing gear they have earned in dungeons and raiding during the day.

As always,   be smart and be prepared to take advantage of not just the regular auction house but also the black market auction house.   Players will be looking for gear that they can raise their gear ilvl to get into dungeons and raiding faster.  So investing in a crafting pattern from the Auction House and being one of the first to have that item on the auction can rack up big profits this weekend.

Just keep your eye on the prize and be ready for the race.

Good Luck and Good Hunting

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