Trick or Treat Time

Its that time again.    Hallow's end is here for all the trick or treaters.   Hallow's end is my 2nd most favorite holiday of the Warcraft year (you just can't beat Brewfest for the beer).

Not much has changed this year.   The weapons and gear are of ilvl 470 quality and the minimum level requirement is 89 to get into the headless horseman fight.   As always this is a good chance to get some raid quality gear for a few minutes of work.

Also added this year is the Pandaria trick or treat baskets.  Trick or treating has arrived in Pandaria.   The geniuses at have written up a good guide for all the events during Hallow's End.

One thing to keep in mind with the Pandarian buckets is that if you haven't done the quest hubs in that area the bucket might be phased out.  This will obviously be a problem for lower levels that are looking for chances to gain quick xp.  

As always wand charges will be popular,  though ever year since their introduction there have become more and more scarce opportunities for sales.   This might be your year to give back to the gang and give some free wand shots.  Yes,  I know.  sacrilegious to many gold goblins but still it's only a few gold.   For those starting out their gold goblin questing this is the best opportunity to obtain gold between wand shots and running out for trick or treat gold.

The new pandarian trick or treat bucket coordinates are

Vale of Eternal 35 78 Mistfall Village
Vale of Eternal 87 64 Shrine of Seven Stars (inside at innkeeper)

Townlong Steppes 71 58 Longying Outpost

Kun-Lai Summit 54 83 Westwind Rest Kun-Lai Summit 62 29 Zouchin Village Kun-Lai Summit 64 61 The Grummle Bazaar Kun-Lai Summit 57 60 One Keg
Kun-Lai Summit 73 92 Binan Village

The Veiled Stair 55 72 Tavern in the Mists

The Jade Forest 42 23 Tian Monastery
The Jade Forest 56 24 Sri-La Village The Jade Forest 46 44 Dawn's Blossom The Jade Forest 55 63 Jade Temple Grounds

The Jade Forest 45 84 Paw'don Village The Jade Forest 60 83 Pearlfin Village The Jade Forest 48 35 Greenstone Village

Valley of the Four 84 20 Pang's Stead Valley of the Four 20 56 Stoneplow

Krasarang Wilds 76 7 Zhu's Watch Krasarang Wilds 51 77 Marista

Dread Wastes 56 32 Klaxxi's-vess Dread Wastes 55 71 Soggy's Gamble

Coordinates from

There are two pets that are available during the holiday

Feline Familiar
Sinister Squashling

Both are tradeable so look for many of these to be on the Auction House.   Saving two or three in your bank for later in the year can rake in some extra profit.  Even if you have learned the maximum three of the pet you can set aside the rest to relearn once you have caged and sold one from your collection.

Both are sold for 150 Tricky Treats by toy vendors in the major cities.   If you run your toons through all of the different trick or treat buckets you will end up with around 300+ treats.   This should allow you to buy 1 of each of the pets for your collection or for resell.  Just keep in mind that everyone will be doing this so the market will be fierce during the event.  This might be an excellent opportunity to take the pet and train them to a higher level for more value.

Where many times we talk about the monetary quests and opportunities but this is one of the most fun events that Warcraft has on it's agenda.   So run out with your favorite mask and go boo to someone.  It's a holiday,  I will bring the smores.

Good luck and Good Hunting

Want to get in contact with me? . Email me at Dragonbearjoe @ gmail. dOT com or find me on twitter at "@JMTCMommar" You can find me hanging out on the Shandris Server, chat me up and I will buy you a glass of juice. 

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