Brawlers Guild.. Blizzard Your Killing Us Here

Dear Blizzard.

I understand that things change with each PTR build.   I understand that one week something might make complete sense,  when the next week after the coffee and crumb cake high has exhausted itself you might change your mind.  But please keep us Gold Goblins writers in mind.   We already look like fools at times when we type 'your' and you're.   So when we say something is a bad idea to get involved with,  please keep this in mind when you change how something works.  It will save us plenty of time and energy from having to backtrack a previous strategy.

Thank you

A loyal fan.

So now you are reading this and saying 'really?', what mighty change are you talking about.  Is my DPS becoming higher?   Healing more awesome than awesome?   Free gold for the needy?   Nope. sorry,  you are on your own for all of that.  But one sentence in one PTR build has changed anything I have said about the Brawlers Guild and getting involved with it as an investment opportunity.

One of the previous problems as I suggested in the previous entry was that there was a hard limit on how many invitations a player could give.  They could give one invite once they reached level 7.   They could also purchase ones off the Black Market Auction House for an exorbitant price,  but the developers had already stated they didn't feel most players could corner this market.

Now that we know they will drop off of certain NPCs (world bosses and probably dungeons encounters) there will be a hotter market for these.   It's still unknown just how the Blood Soaked Invitation will be completely implemented.  The Powers that be might just change their mind and give them as Christmas gifts for everyone.   But a lot of the market will depend on availability.   If they do drop from NPCs in dungeons and raids,  prepare to be needing on the item and selling it quickly.   The burst of opportunity for sales will be  front loaded.   As more and more players go through these dungeons/raids after patch 5.1,  then the market will become more and more flooded.

So be prepared again and keep digging for information and be prepared to kill some NPCs.  Remember the first rule of Brawlers Guild.   We have no clue about Brawlers Guild.

Good Luck and Good Hunting

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