Is Your Cartel Happy?

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We have talked about cartels many times when it comes to being a Gold Goblin.  Understanding that a cartel could be made up of two people,  or a large amount of players.   The idea is that you have gathered a group of like minded people to be able to combine your resources and keep track of markets instead of just being a one person team.

But just as you have your days of self doubt and irritation,  so will the members of your cartel.   That is when a leader steps up to make sure that the group is happy and functioning.   Making sure that your cartel is equipped,  their needs of items and trinkets sated and even the occasional gift can add to the group loyalty.

Cartels are not inanimate objects.  They are living, breathing people behind the keyboard with their own issues to deal with.   Whether it's a farmer that isn't able to put in as much time as they want due to personal issues,  or a little extra gold as a "bonus" to say thank you.   Little things can advance a cartel in the right direction.

I was talking with one of my farmers in my cartel and they were being asked to do some healing type stuff for dungeons.   Taking about 5 minutes I was able to see some upgrades that my blacksmith could craft for them.   Crafting that shield,  putting it in a gift wrap and enchanting took me all of 10 minutes to finish.   But that loyalty to know I would be the first in line for new items they farmed made it worth it.  

Management of cartels are just as important as management of your own personal stock.  The more productive that a cartel can become,  the better profits can be shown for just a little work.   A happy cartel member is a useful cartel member.

Good Luck and Good Hunting

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